Goings On (too boring to blog)

6 Apr

Sometimes, this is how I am. I write a long post about something like not feeling like a creative person or having a creative outlet anymore or whatever that last post was, and then I stop posting for three four weeks. Ish.

That’s me. I’m working on it.

So, this is what’s been going on lately:

We rearranged the bedroom to make better use of a closet system-style shelf against the back wall. Now it’s almost like we have a real closet! Instead of a strange bed nestled between our hanging clothes thing we had going on before.

I interviewed for a new job. I thought the interview went well, but haven’t heard anything else, so we’ll see. and now I have a second interview in two weeks. I’m still on the fence about it. We’ll see.

J’s been working on a show in New Jersey and staying out there for several days at a time. We’re getting closer to the summer, when like every summer before, he’ll be gone more often than not. It’s a mixed bag when he’s gone. Basically, it breaks down to: more space, less cuddles.

I spent Easter weekend with my sister and mom upstate. When you get the three of us together, we tend to shop. So we shopped. A lot. (At some outlets having crazy sales and at JC Penney and Target, so we didn’t exactly go overboard. Well. Maybe a teensy bit overboard.) Also we saw my aunt and uncle who live nearby and drank wine and laughed at my sister’s crazy dog Phoebe.

2013-02-17 10.29.37

When I got home, I started rewatching one of my my favorite shows ever, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (when I first drafted this post this part turned into a treatise on how the show changed my life, so perhaps that will get it’s own post at some point.) At this point, let’s just leave it at: I was in a place where I needed to watch a personal (fictional) hero kick some ass and get caught up in some (very) familiar storylines and characters.

And then I had another week of work and paid some taxes and now J’s out of town again and Saffron and I are sitting on the couch catching up on Grey’s Anatomy. Plans for this weekend include Thai with a college friend, but also laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping and maybe soaking up a bit of sun, taking a walk, something with some sort of physical or mental health benefits.

2 Responses to “Goings On (too boring to blog)”

  1. Anne April 8, 2013 at 8:21 PM #

    Yay for 2nd interviews! Boo to less cuddling.

    • jwhittz April 8, 2013 at 8:34 PM #

      At least it’s not so cold out anymore! Less cuddling in summer is definitely preferable to less cuddling in winter.

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