This is me, sheepishly waving hello after a full month away

17 May


I’ve been doing a whole bunch of consuming, and not a lot of creating in the past month. Chris Guillebeau would be so ashamed.

So, trying to break the pattern, but I don’t have much for you right now. I have been pinning a lot. There are two new “secret” wedding pinterest boards my friends added me to–and they are updated frequently. It’s a lot to keep up with.

So instead of a full post, I offer links to some of the things I’ve been consuming lately.

Above: I’ve been listening to Sara Bareilles’s new single “Brave” for several weeks, on repeat with Little Mix’s “Wings”. They give me that nice I-can-change-the-world-and-be-awesome feeling.

Speaking of being awesome (and changing the world), here is The Annotated Wisdom of Amy Poehler, my personal hero.

I am experiencing some serious 90s nostalgia lately. I’m wearing ripped, faded jeans and contemplating another set of holes in my ears, and possibly I have a playlist on my iPod titled “1997.” It was a fine time for me, I was learning to fight, fence, anything anyone would teach me…wait, no, wrong story. Anyways, Hello Giggles posted a few different suggestions for 90s themed parties, and now I want to go to ALL of them.

This article about the Today show’s Ann Curry debacle is a really interesting read I just came across on, where I like to waste time on my lunch break.

I saw Seth Godin at a small, day long event in the city a few years ago, and while I don’t read his blog every single day anymore, I still think he’s a ridiculous genius guru. He’s hiring interns for a short summer term. I’m terrified to apply, because, well, it’s an internship with SETH GODIN. And also: it’s an internship. I have a full time job (that I, um, like receiving paychecks from). But I think I’d kick myself for quite some time afterwards if I chickened out of this one. Anyone else out there applying?

Finally, I love the “Words of the Week” that Sarah Tolzmann posts on her blog, Note to Self. I found this past Monday’s quote especially powerful.

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