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Weekend Recap

15 Apr

Today was, for obvious reasons, kind of a hard day. My thoughts are with everyone in Boston tonight.

This past weekend was really, really nice, especially given the fact that I left the office Friday night basically just filled with dread at the thought of having to return again on Monday (so soon!). Work is definitely on a downward spiral right now, and taking my general morale with it. It’s difficult to keep a positive attitude there these days.

But! This weekend was lovely. Brunch with some lady friends, complete with unlimited mimosas ($9! Who cares if I needed to drink 3 in order to get a buzz. Mimosas are great) and a tasty asparagus, fontina and caramelized onion omelette. (If you put caramelized onion on/in it, I’m sold.)

My friend Cate (who will soon be a published author, cause she’s a big shot fancy pants) has been working on a bunch of short plays featuring “her muse”, Baba Yaga of Russian folklore, and so my friend Michele hosted a reading of Cate’s work at her apartment. A bunch of theater people came, read four of her plays aloud, and then had a lively discussion in front of Cate about the themes that emerged for them, how the plays might work together, and other interesting topics, while Cate took copious notes like a good MFA getting her work critiqued. I know it was a tremendously helpful exercise for Cate. It was honestly much, much more fun than I’d anticipated. I went into it worrying that I’d have nothing of value to contribute, and even at the beginning of the discussion, my mind was basically blank. But then other people started speaking about their impressions and it helped me get the wheels turning for myself, and I wound up making a few contributions to the discussion that even bordered on insightful.

On Sunday night, J and I caught up with some friends from grad school who were in town with the theater department’s BFA showcase. We met for dinner at a restaurant in Little Italy and talked about how, the last time I babysat their daughters, the oldest was three and the youngest was a baby drooling (adorably) on my shoulder. Now they’re seven-going-on-eight and six years old, and presumably the youngest does not drool so much. Which: weird. Kids you used to babysit getting bigger and older is the most tangible proof of time passing that I can think of. Nothing makes it seem like it’s really been 5 years and not, say, a few months, like encountering walking, talking small people who couldn’t walk and talk the last time you saw them.

So there’s my deep thought for the night. Kids: they get older. Woah*.

*And somehow I managed be completely sober and still to write this strange, meandering post.


Goings On (too boring to blog)

6 Apr

Sometimes, this is how I am. I write a long post about something like not feeling like a creative person or having a creative outlet anymore or whatever that last post was, and then I stop posting for three four weeks. Ish.

That’s me. I’m working on it.

So, this is what’s been going on lately:

We rearranged the bedroom to make better use of a closet system-style shelf against the back wall. Now it’s almost like we have a real closet! Instead of a strange bed nestled between our hanging clothes thing we had going on before.

I interviewed for a new job. I thought the interview went well, but haven’t heard anything else, so we’ll see. and now I have a second interview in two weeks. I’m still on the fence about it. We’ll see.

J’s been working on a show in New Jersey and staying out there for several days at a time. We’re getting closer to the summer, when like every summer before, he’ll be gone more often than not. It’s a mixed bag when he’s gone. Basically, it breaks down to: more space, less cuddles.

I spent Easter weekend with my sister and mom upstate. When you get the three of us together, we tend to shop. So we shopped. A lot. (At some outlets having crazy sales and at JC Penney and Target, so we didn’t exactly go overboard. Well. Maybe a teensy bit overboard.) Also we saw my aunt and uncle who live nearby and drank wine and laughed at my sister’s crazy dog Phoebe.

2013-02-17 10.29.37

When I got home, I started rewatching one of my my favorite shows ever, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (when I first drafted this post this part turned into a treatise on how the show changed my life, so perhaps that will get it’s own post at some point.) At this point, let’s just leave it at: I was in a place where I needed to watch a personal (fictional) hero kick some ass and get caught up in some (very) familiar storylines and characters.

And then I had another week of work and paid some taxes and now J’s out of town again and Saffron and I are sitting on the couch catching up on Grey’s Anatomy. Plans for this weekend include Thai with a college friend, but also laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping and maybe soaking up a bit of sun, taking a walk, something with some sort of physical or mental health benefits.