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10 Feb

I’m at a Starbucks in Poughkeepsie, taking a break from stripping wallpaper at my dear friend’s new home (that she OWNS. like the boss that she is.) The blizzard left a few inches in Brooklyn, a few more in Manhattan and more still upstate, but the effect was underwhelming compared to what the storm The-Weather-Channel-wants-us-to-call-Nemo dumped on our friends in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Maine.

So I missed yesterday’s prompt, “siblings”, but I’m writing on the topic today anyways, since I have one and I like her a lot. Also, cute photos.

My sister is 3.5 years younger than I am. I remember being dropped off at my maternal grandparents’ home when my mom went into labor. I was really excited that I was going to get a sister. And I stayed pretty excited about having her, until she arrived. Then I got jealous. At one point I climbed into her crib (she was elsewhere) and waited for one of my parents to find me so they could make as big a fuss over me. (Didn’t happen.)

But she turned out to be pretty cool, if maybe a little clingy sometimes. My elementary school friends looooooved her, since she was so cute (a little porcelain doll.) I waffled between really digging having her around, defending her from some of our older cousins and being generally annoyed with her existence. In essence, I was her big sister. I may have learned most of what I knew about being a an older sibling from books like Fudge and the Ramona Quimby series.

We had growing pains, for sure, but since I moved away for college and then real life, we’ve developed a very strong bond. She’s more than my sister now–or, she’s more my sister now than ever. And that rocks.

A helmet and a bonnet-- only my sister could pull off such a bold fashion/safety statement

A helmet and a bonnet– only my sister could pull off such a bold fashion/safety statement

That helmet is noticeably lacking here

That helmet is noticeably lacking here

Matching bangs & mismatched smiles

Matching bangs & mismatched smiles

She blogs at 1littlelion. Her name is Lauren and she’s awesome.